20 Home Improvement Forums

Do you want to Discuss your home-related matters and want to make improvements in your home? Here are the top 20 home improvement forums where you can share your matters and thoughts about your home and make them improve.

  • EcoRenovator
  • Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Forum
  • Patriot Woodworkers
  • Brownstoner
  • Carolina Panthers Forum
  • DFWStangs.net 
  • DIY Forums 
  • DIYChatroom
  • House RepairTalk
  • Reddit-Home improvement
  • PropertyChat & Renovation-Home improvement
  • Houzz- Home improvement Discussions
  • Home
  • Home Repair forum
  • Michigan Sportsman
  • Reddit » Remodel
  • Heavy Equipment Forum
  • Contractor’s Story | Architectural and Remodeling Pro Forum
  • Good house building
  • OurDiyprojects.net

Now, we will discuss all these forums one by one and how these forums can be helpful for your home improvement.



It is a forum for discussing home improvements like how we can reduce power use, improve the home environment and save our money. This forum also contains discussions about using solar energy in homes.

The link to this forum is https://ecorenovator.org/forum/.

Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Forum

It is a home improvement forum where you can share your home improvement thoughts and plans and projects related to improving the home. This forum provides you an opportunity to discuss the questions about home matters.

Link to this Forum: https://forum.canadianwoodworking.com/forum/home-improvements/home-improvements-aa

Patriot Woodworkers

Ultimate Guide

This forum has a proper section related to home improvement discussion where you can share your ideas about the restoration, development, and improvement of the home. This forum provides an ultimate guide to making the home a peaceful place.

Link of the forum: https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/52-home-improvement/


Brownstoner is known as the forum where every aspect of information related to the improvement of the home can be discussed and explained to other people. If you are searching for discussing and looking for any advice about home development and improvement, you can get help from this forum.

The link to this forum is https://www.brownstoner.com/forum/.

Carolina Panthers Forum

This forum has a specific section for home improvement and its development. You can share your thoughts and seek help from here with construction, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and landscaping. All information about these subjects can help you to improve your home.

Link of the Forum: https://www.carolinapanthersforum.com/forums/home-improvement-diy-forum.62/


Gardening Specific

If you want to get help with the gardening and other improvements to the home, the section “Home improvement” on this forum can help you a lot. Here you can place any question about your home development, and other people will respond to you in a better way.

Link to the forum: https://www.dfwstangs.net/forums/the-home-improvement-forum.97/

DIY Forums

A very friendly and helping website with a potential audience about DIY and home improvement discussions: on this forum, you can get the help with your ongoing project, and you can also join the existing projects about the development and improvement of the home.

The discussion on this forum provides valuable awareness about the conditioning and remodeling of the house.

Link to the forum: https://www.diy-forums.com/forums/general-diy-and-home-improvement.31/


DIYChatroom is a community dedicated to improving the home on yourself basis and making your home beautiful with your own hands. You can come and join this community and discuss many things about styles, projects, scales, tools, accessories, reviews, and more.

This can help you to make your home as beautiful as you want to make it and provide you an opportunity to explore the ideas of home improvement.

Link of the forum: https://www.diychatroom.com/forums/

House RepairTalk

If you want to increase the efficiency of your home, this forum can help you a lot in this regard. You can make a discussion here about the repairing or remodeling of the home and explore the ideas about water saving,  green energy, rainwater collection, insulating and solar screens, etc.

It can help you to rebuild your house according to the best homemaking ideas.

Link to the forum: https://www.houserepairtalk.com/

Reddit-Home improvement

Ask & Seek Help

It is a common platform for individuals to talk about the different aspects of home improvement topic. Here, you can ask a question or post an opinion, and the other members of the forum will provide their ideas and opinion related to the construction, design, and improvement of the house.

You can also help other people by giving the answers to the questions they usually ask in the section on home improvement.

Link to the Reddit forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeImprovement/

PropertyChat & Renovation-Home

This section of PropertyChat is devoted to discussing the renovation and rejuvenation of the house and extending the existing improvements in the house. This section involves a quality discussion about different matters of home construction and improvement.

Link to the PropertyChat forum: https://www.propertychat.com.au/community/forums/renovation-home-improvement.9/

Houzz- Home improvement Discussions

The website Houz has provided a special section and thread related to home improvement tips, repairing of homes, DIY maintenance advice, and much more. You can consult with other people about your queries and questions, and they will help you according to the best of their knowledge.

Link to the forum: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/home-repair

Home-Home improvement forum

Home is a forum associated with and dedicated to healthy discussions about home betterment. You can explore your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and tips with other people that you have learned from your home improvement experience and also gain knowledge from the experiences of other people.

Link of the Home Forum: https://homio.co/viewforum.php?f=7

Home Repair forum

It is a place that is totally dedicated to giving services related to the improvement of homes. You can discuss here different topics electrical, cabinets, plumbing, HVAC, etc. These all information will help you to repair your home.

Link to the website: https://homerepairforum.com/

Michigan Sportsman

This website also has its specific section that is discussed buying, building, and caring for homes, their maintenance, and repairing according to the needs of the time. It also discusses the general home improvement questions that can be helpful regarding the renovation of your house. 

Link of the forum: https://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forums/michigan-homesteading-and-home-improvement.107/

Reddit- Remodel

Repair & Improve

If there are some maintenance issues in your house or you want to repair your home by improving it, then the ‘Remodel” section of Reddit can be helpful for you. This section helps you to repair and remodel your existing home and make it beautiful by doing some required changes and improvements.

You can discuss on this best public platform all the relevant questions about your home improvement.

Link for the section: https://www.reddit.com/r/Remodel/

Heavy Equipment Forum

Ask The Public

This is the public forum where you can share your thoughts and questions about home improvement. You have to share your question, and people will respond to you with their perspectives and ideas about improving the homes.

You need to post the required changes you want to make in your home, and people will give you answers and discuss its specific aspects.

Link to forum: https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com

Contractor’s Story | Architectural and Remodeling Pro Forum

Construction & Design

This is the best forum for getting the best ideas about the construction and remodeling of your home. This will give all the relevant and essential information that can help you to build your home according to your needs and dreams.

The members of this forum will present there to deliver their ideas and stories, and you can also help others by sharing your ideas and tips.

Link of the forum: http://contractortalk.com/

Good house building

Investment Plans

Another potential audience form that has been made to discuss the best ideas to make and build your house in a proper manner. You can seek help from these forums and from other helpful forums before making the investment in your house. These forums will guide you to make investments useful for your living standard.

Link to the forum: http://finehomebuilding.com/discuss


OurDiyprojects is another valuable platform to get proper help to make your home a beautiful way and do reasonable improvements and changings to an existing house. This will help you in the maintenance of your house.

Link of the forum: http://ourdiyprojects.net/extremehomemakeover/

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