400 Amp Service With 2 200 Amp Panels: Electricity Guide

At times, having a 400 amp service may be problematic. A subpanel or a secondary panel is necessary as a result of these complications. It’s possible to get confused connecting the sub-panels to the main panel. That’s totally cool.

This article is made for informational purposes of 400 amp service with 2 200 amp panels only. Its recommended, to seek advice from field experts.


What Is a 400 Amp Service?

400 amp service with 2 200 amp panels

A 400 amp service is a type of service that provides a higher level of electrical protection than a standard service. 400 amp services are typically used in industrial and commercial settings where high-powered equipment is located. 

These services can also be used to provide additional electrical protection for large facilities that may have multiple circuits.

Is 400 amp service with 2 200 panels the right choice?

400 amp service with 1 200 panels

Between 400 and 2 200 panels, options include 400 amp service. Rather than 2 200 panels, this location requires 400 amp service and 1 200 panels. The higher overall installation costs and other installation variables are two reasons.

Start Today

Connecting a subpanel, of course, involves more than just wires. We promise that we have put in our best effort to help you. What are you waiting for? Start drilling holes in the wall for your 200 panels by getting those tools out.

Why You Shouldn’t Install 400 Amp Service with 2 200 Panels?

Heavier Wire is Required

A heavier wire should be utilized between the main panel and the sub-panel when employing this strategy. When using the same sort of wire is required, there are a few situations. To connect the main panel to electrical service from an electrical meter.

This may cause the cost of installing a system to rise, especially if materials and labor are both expensive

Higher Costs

If you want to install two main service panels with different disconnects, costs may be somewhat greater. Disconnect panels and subpanels have a difference in cost. Maintaining two separate service lines might add to the price of the project.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are national figures, not local ones. When installing the product, there may be a charge. If you fail to meet local or utility standards, costs may rise dramatically.

What If You Install 400 Amp Service with 2 200 Panels?

Maximum Capacity

Two 200 panels are usually installed when the main panel has reached its maximum capacity for circuit breakers. In locations where accessing the main panel is difficult, subpanels are often used. Or, a studio with specific power requirements, for example.

Install Sub-Panel

Detached sections or areas of the structure, such as a workshop, may make sense if sub-panels are installed in them. If you have the space, you should consider installing a sub-panel for your home’s second-floor rental apartment. 

The payments in copper wire alone are significant when branch circuits are quite long.

Size Of Your Home

That really depends on the size of your home, whether you prefer 400 amp panels versus 2 200 amp panels. A sub-panel 200 amp may also feed three sub-panels, which is something to consider.

Connecting Process of the Sub Panels 

We’ve demonstrated how to connect two 200 amp panels here completely

400 amp service with 2 200 amp panels

The major breaker box and load center will be the first 200 amps. The second one will supply power to the home. A 200 amp sub-panel must be connected to a 200 amp main panel.

From the main panel, a feeder cable is often run to the subpanel. While a subpanel is being installed, this may occur. This is usually a three-wire cable with a bare copper ground wire, three insulated conductors, and a bare copper ground wire. The cable must be of the appropriate size in order to meet the subpanel’s amperage requirements.

In the event of subterranean service, copper wire or #4/0 AWG aluminum and copper-clad wire must be carried in a minimum of 1.5 inches of schedule 40 or 80 PVC conduit. A 250-kcmil copper wire will be required as well. Make sure you use the correct wire size of 200 amps.

Here we’re suggesting some connecting steps below:

  • Make sure that there are two hot wires in the feeder cable. One neutral wire, as well as one bare copper grounding wire. They’re all attached to the hot bus bars in your subpanel, and they’re all linked to the lugs. The 400 amp meter base with lugs has these same lugs.
  • Connect circuit breakers to the wires. Next, before connecting the neutral and ground wires from it to the appropriate bus bars in the main control panel, connect the hot feeder wires to it. An electrician then connects an open double slot on the main service panel feeder breaker.
  • Remember to connect both panels to a grounding wire. One grounding wire is permitted per building, however. According to regulation, a single zero copper ground is permissible, as it is stranded and shielded.
  • Bring the 1-0 ground over to the other panel by bringing it into one 200 amp panel and combining it with another 400 amp service. Each of the panels has neutral bonding to the case, while one major grounding electrode is in the building. 
  • You may mount the box up or down, depending on whether you have a main breaker that switches from left to right. If your box is flush-mounted, you can use a small nail to mount it. A squared connection is supposed to be there.
  • As a result, you don’t have to drill all of the holes; simply slide your wire into the square and it’ll stay put. That’s about all there is to it, but make sure to install the panels correctly, as there is a lot of risk in doing so. 

Be Sure To Check This Before Installing

Access by Local Electric Codes

Before installing a 200-amp main panel and a 200-amp sub-panel, make sure that the local electrical codes allow it. Local regulations may impose further constraints or prohibit this kind of installation if a home has a 400 Amp service.

Two Lugs

Each panel must have a service line that links to the main panel in order for it to work properly. Your meter should have two lugs for this type of installation to comply with the local codes.

Connections To The Meter Base

On the service side of a two-lug meter base, there are two hot connections and two neutral connections. To satisfy certain electrical standards, this permits the two distinct service lines to be securely connected to the meter base.

Is it possible to have two electrical panels right next to each other? 

400 amp service with 2 200 amp panels

30 inch-wide Gap

The total depth of the working area is 36 inches. In order to accommodate the panel, there must be a 30-inch-wide gap between the working spaces, or whatever width is bigger. However, the panel need not be centered in the work area.


We hope you aren’t perplexed as to whether a 400 amp service with 2 200 panels is right for you if you’ve made it this far. Wires from the main panel may be extended to any portion of the house that is too distant from it by connecting two sub-panels.

However, just because you’re dealing with electricity, be cautious.

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