Is There Frigidaire Upright Freezer Reset Button? Best Guide, Setting & Procedure

Do you want to reset your frigidaire upright freezer reset button? If so, this guide will teach you how to do just that. 

Frigidaire freezers are well-liked because they are dependable. They can, however, develop faults and glitches like any other appliance. Resetting these devices may fix the problems when they happen.

Unfortunately, when designing gadgets, manufacturers seldom include reset buttons. However, you don’t need a reset button if you have a Frigidaire freezer.


How Do I Reset Frigidaire Upright Freezer Button?

  • Switch off the freezer first. To turn the switch off and pull the plug from the socket, simply push the button off
  • Wait 20 minutes
  • Flip the switch to the on position after plugging the freezer back into the outlet
  • Press the ALARM RESET button to reset the alarm. Hold it down for three seconds
  • Three times press the down arrow. Get it done as soon as possible
  • Press the Up Arrow once
  • Set the temperature

This procedure seems to be complicated, and it isn’t always required.

Unplug the freezer and allow 40 minutes to pass before plugging it back in is normally sufficient. This is sometimes referred to as a soft reset.

You can reset the compressor in the following ways:

  • Pull the plug from the wall socket. The freezer will be disconnected from its power source as a result of this.
  • Put the freezer switch to the off position. A different controller is used in certain freezers. There isn’t a dial on the watch.
  • Some people prefer to use the number 0 instead of off.
  • Adjust the settings.
  • Give the device time to find a consistent temperature.

How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Upright Freezer After A Power Outage?

  • Turn off the freezer’s power supply. This means unplugging the plug from the socket
  • Press the alarm reset button to turn off the alarm. Hold it down for three seconds
  • Three times press the down arrow
  • Press the up arrow once
  • Select the temperature
  • In most cases, these are the same procedures that are used to reset freezers

PF & Loud Alarm

Yet, when the power goes out, the screen will occasionally show ‘PF.’ A loud alarm will also be emitted by the device. The alarm icon on the device can be used to reset it at this time.

Study The Manual

Automatically resetting the freezer is also possible. It isn’t necessary for you to do anything. This demonstrates the necessity of studying your manual. Don’t expect identical capabilities and functions to be found in diverse models.

To reset your model, follow the steps shown in the manual. Check the manufacturer’s website if you can’t locate the manual.

Is There A Reset Button On A Frigidaire Upright Freezer?

No Reset Button

There is no reset button on Frigidaire freezers. You’ll probably find the button inside if yours does. You can look through the manual for further information. It will tell you where to search.

Procedure For Resetting

The manual will show you the procedures for resetting the freezer if it does not have a reset button. You may still perform a reset by unplugging the freezer, waiting several minutes, and plugging it back in if the manual does not mention it.

In many situations, particularly in freezers with complex systems, removing the appliance of electricity may be sufficient to cure fundamental problems.

Why Should I Reset The Frigidaire Upright Freezer Button?

Many difficulties may be solved by resetting the freezer, including:

  • Has the freezer gone wrong and not heated up? Change the settings if possible. You should reset the appliance if that doesn’t work.
  • Consumers may reset the freezer if their device produces error codes, which may be cleared quickly.
  • Before attempting to disassemble the freezer, you should reset it if it makes strange noises. A freezer can be reset by anyone. Nonetheless, if the gadget has a faulty component, you’ll need the help of a specialist to disassemble it.
  • Try resetting the freezer if it is too noisy or makes noises that you don’t recognize.
  • If you believe the freezer is using too much energy, you may reset certain components, such as the compressor or thermostat.

Simple problems and malfunctions are fixed by Resetting. Even if you perform multiple resets, a serious fault will remain if you have one.

Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

An Outage Trips The Breaker

You should check the circuit breaker if there is a power outage, especially if the freezer does not operate. The breaker may be tripped due to an outage, in the event of another power outage, being prepared is essential. Resetting the breaker will fix the issue.

Switch The Button ON

Make sure that your home appliances have working control panels. The ON/OFF buttons for your freezer are in this section if it has a control panel. To put it another way, just connecting a freezer to an outlet isn’t enough. 

You’ll also need to tap the buttons to turn it on. Others believe their freezer has died because they were unable to turn it on.

Reset The GFCI

Frigidaire Upright Freezer Reset Button

Is there a GFCI receptacle in the freezer? You’ll make certain that any unintentional trips will trip the circuit breaker, preventing unsafe electrical currents from entering your home. If the receptacle trips, it will shut off the electricity. The power will be restored when the GFCI is reset.

Give It Some Time

Was there a power outage? Even though the power has returned, your freezer is refusing to cool. Give it some time, and it will come to you. When the power comes back, several freezers take a few minutes to start cooling. Don’t panic until at least an hour has passed.

Plug Is Secure In The Outlet

Inspect the power supply to see if it is damaged. Make sure that the outlet is securely connected. Signs of wear and tear, such as burn marks and damaged insulation, should also be examined.

Change The Temperature Settings

Did you change the temperature settings? If the freezer has refused to cool, this should be your first priority. Try various temperatures if it isn’t cold enough. While loading or removing items from the freezer, you may inadvertently alter the temperature. You may inadvertently change the dial’s position.

Another problem emerges as a result of this. How many things are in your freezer? Crowding the internal cabin can block the air vents. To move cool air, the freezer uses vents.

Condenser Coils Gets Dirty

Frigidaire Upright Freezer Reset Button

Coil Cleaning

Condenser coils should be inspected. The freezer’s activities may be hampered when they get filthy. If the device is still too warm after you’ve adjusted the temperature, clean the coils.

This may be done every six months with the help of an expert. You may also do it yourself, albeit with some effort. Remember to disconnect the appliance before using it. The coils may be located in the manual, which you can find.

Appliance Brush

All you’ll need is an appliance brush. In the presence of dirt and debris, it’ll clean up quickly. If you cleaned the coils but the freezer isn’t at the proper temperature, check the rubber seal on the freezer door. 

The door will not be able to hold in the cold air unless it has a tight seal.


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