How To Use Odoban In Laundry: Disinfectant & Sanitize Laundry, Best Air Freshener 2022

Do you have any questions about how to use odoban in laundry? You don’t know how much quantity to add or how to use odoban for the first time, or don’t even know a single thing about odoban!

Don’t be concerned; you’ve chosen the best place to learn how to use OdoBan concentrate in your washing to refresh and soften your clothing and eliminate unpleasant odors without harming your fine fabrics.

OdoBan is a fantastic replacement for conventional fabric softeners, as it also eliminates static cling. You may have been using OdoBan to clean, freshen, and disinfect your home for years, but you’ve never used it in your washing machine.


Remove Stinky Odors With OdoBan

Maybe you haven’t ever utilized OdoBan, but you want to improve your laundry game to a new level. Either way, this read will teach you how to clean your clothes with concentrated OdoBan and eliminate those unpleasant washing odors while removing static cling using your washing machine.

Without any fabric softeners or additives, of course. You’re familiar with OdoBan because of its distinctive scents. In addition, a vast range of fragrances is available in OdoBan concentrate.

How To Use OdoBan In Laundary?

There are a few ways to use Odoban in laundry:

  1. Add Odoban to your washing machine’s detergent compartment. Odoban is certified for use in all types of machines, including front-loaders and top-loaders.
  2. Add Odoban to your fabric softener drawer. Use it as a pre-wash treatment for fabrics that tend to wrinkle or resist launderings, such as towels, bedding, and draperies.
  3. Sprinkle Odoban on your clothes before laundering them in the machine. This will help remove oils and sweat from the fabric, helping them to come out clean and fresh.
  4. Use Odoban as a fabric softener booster in lieu of traditional softeners. Add it to your wash cycle at the same time you add your main laundry detergent, and let it work its magic!

What You Need To Have?

Before you proceed make sure to have:

  • The fragrance of your choosing is concentrated in OdoBan.
  • Measuring cup

You’ll need filthy clothes, and you’ll need a washing machine before you can begin. There are just a few safety precautions to consider.

  • Do not mix OdoBan with other cleaners.
  • After you’ve used OdoBan, don’t reuse your measuring cup for food or drink. 

How To Use Odoban In Laundry In An Easy Way?

One of the simplest ways to use OdoBan concentrate is by adding it to your laundry by following below steps:

Step 1

Add one cup (8 oz) of OdoBan concentrate to your washing machine’s final rinse cycle.

Step 2

After the detergent has completed its job, add your odoban to the final rinse. As a result, your OdoBan’s freshening effectiveness is maximized. That is why we do not recommend adding it at the same time as the detergent for optimum performance.

Step 3

If your washing machine has an automatic softener dispenser, pour the remaining 8 ounces directly into the final rinse cycle. It takes care of everything automatically if you add the OdoBan concentrate to the dispenser at the same time you’re loading your laundry.

How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Clothes With OdoBan?


How To Use Odoban In Laundry

Fungus Odor & Harmful

When those powerful musty mildew odors adhere to your clothes and towels, it may be a major issue with musty odors on laundry. Mildew, a fungus, and a kind of mold are frequently to blame for that musty odor, and stinky mildew byproducts can be harmful to your health.

Byproducts Headaches & Nausea

Spores and other MVOCs, or microbial volatile organic compounds, are examples of byproducts. The health implications are still largely unknown, but evidence has linked MVOC exposure to severe symptoms like headaches and nausea, according to the US EPA.

Mildew produces these stinky organic substances into the air as it grows on fabric, giving rise to the musty, earthy scent you recognize.

Wetness & Musty Mildew

On a damp swimsuit or towel left out after a day at the pool, or maybe on a laundry load that sat for too long in the washer, you’ve probably smelled musty mildew. Regardless of where it came from, we’ll teach you how to eliminate that musty odor.

In order to prevent musty odors from appearing in the first place, here are a few things you should do:

  • Do not leave damp clothes in warm, unventilated rooms. Mold and mildew thrive in heated areas with little air circulation. That’s why it’s a good idea to dry clothes as soon as you’re done washing them, and why laundry left in the washer can turn stinky.
  • If you have to wait a few days until you get to the wash, spray your clothes or towels with OdoBan before tossing them in the hamper. However, a stinky washing machine may well contribute to the stinky laundry if your clothes are already reek of mildew.
  • Because mold and mildew can thrive on the outside rubber gaskets of your washing machine, we recommend cleaning them regularly. 
  • To avoid buildup and odors, simply spray down these surfaces with OdoBan and wipe them clean. A complete machine cleaning might be required if your washing machine still has a funny odor.

Let’s discuss more about mildew odors if they already exist on your clothes!

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smells For Good With OdoBan?

First, I’d like to make a quick note about vinegar. The how-to for getting rid of the mildew smell uses vinegar, although it isn’t a great solution.

Why? Since vinegar’s acetic acid is chemically similar to the smelly MVOCs that cause mildew in the first place. So, here’s a more effective way to get rid of stubborn musty odors on your clothes:

  • First, you’ll have to remove the mold that’s growing on your fabric. Mold particles that linger in clothes and towels may typically be removed by washing them.
  • Second, use warm or hot water, depending on the color and type of fabric, to wash those musty clothes in your washing machine on an extended cycle. 
  • Use your regular washing detergent, but don’t use it too much. The fabric shouldn’t trap in those musty odors, so you don’t want to leave residue on it. For the same reason, avoid using fabric softeners. In addition, the fabric softener might hold onto those horrible odors in your washer.
  • Deluge the final rinse with one cup of OdoBan concentrate, but let the load run as usual. If you have a fabric softener machine, make sure you’re using it. The machine will take care of it for you if you simply fill it with OdoBan.
  • Finally, place your freshly washed garments in the dryer and dry them thoroughly. You can also hang them out on the line if it’s a sunny, dry day. Don’t let your damp clothes linger. The smell should be gone for good when they’re completely dry!

Does OdoBan (The Original Odor Eliminator) Act As A Fabric Softener When Used In The Laundry?

The answer is yes. OdoBan, like other softeners, is not recommended for use on children’s sleepwear or other clothes labeled as flame resistant because it may reduce flame resistance. It has similar chemical properties to fabric softeners.

If you have more questions about using Obodan in your laundry, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to help you out!

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